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Experiencing Flow


In this 1 day workshop called experiencing flow we will explore and experience flow in a hands-on and safe-to-fail environment.

Why might we do this?

  • Companies are being pulled towards an agile transformation and often they have not experienced the benefits of working in this way or experienced the decisions they may need to make along the way.
  • Businesses invest in the framework de jour that has been recommended when a lot of the time they will need to change their environment to suit the framework which ultimately may not suit their needs.
  • Teams are asked to undertake the journey and have no idea of what to expect or what they may be looking for in the way of seeing improvements evolve.

With this low-cost 1 day immersive workshop we can take a team or multiple teams on a journey over a 1 day period where they will experience:

  • Starting from where they are and evolving their systems
  • Visualizing and becoming familiar with the data these systems provide as well as making decisions based on this data
  • Understanding the economic impact of the decisions and priority calls that they make along the way and learning from these decisions in a safe-to-fail environment
  • The power of collaboration and effective planning and work execution

The pricing for this workshop is £295.00 per person (plus VAT) with a minimum of 10 people spaces to be covered (although all of these spaces do not have to be filled) with an upper limit of 20 people per session.

So in summary, what's in it for you and your company:

  • The chance to experience flow and try out some ideas in a safe-to-fail environment
  • Have a team building experience exploring working together in possible new ways
  • An unbiased facilitator on hand to challenge the status quo
  • Your chance to test something out that is brand new in the market and to try a product out ahead of your competitors in your market

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