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Ruby explains Work in Progress (WiP) limits

Ruby explains Work in Progress (WiP) limits

Ruby Explains Work In Progress (WiP) Limits

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In this edition of our blog, we thought we'd go with a short video on work-in-progress (WiP) limits as it is a source of easily attainable improvement that so many teams don't take advantage of.

We all know that the more cars on the road, the slower the traffic goes. However, when it comes to applying this in our everyday work we seem to think the busier we are, the more we'll get done.

Let's look at it from Ruby's point of view and see what she thinks!

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Did this short video help you? Have you had a recent win with applying work-in-progress limits or do you, like so many others, struggle to get buy-in to apply this concept?

As always, your feedback is more than welcome.